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Well hello there! I'm Heather Anders and this is my little piece of the world where I bring you my passions and experiences in life one post at a time.


I started this blog just under three years ago with the intent to use it as an outlet for my thoughts on balancing the chaos of becoming a new mom, working full time, working out regularly and fitting in family life all without losing my sense of style (or sanity). I was quickly overwhelmed with the responses received from some of my earlier posts like Finding Balance, How to Nurse & Pump as a Working Mom (and not pull your hair out) and Tips for Flying with Breastmilk.


After receiving an outpouring of support and requests for future blog topics, here I am almost three years later loving my life as a blogger. But...who am I, really?


I'm a young, 30-something mom, wife and fulltime marketing professional using her public relations addiction to share her thoughts and viewpoints on life; one hiccup at at time.


Aside from marketing, mommy and wife life, I'm a lot of things. I'm a blonde; a writer; a friend; a psycho analyzer; a Friends TV show obsessor; a jetsetter; a soul searcher; a puppy mom; a Jesus lover; a college graduate; a talker; an animal lover; a grammar freak; a laugher; an imaginative realist.


I have a soft spot for all things sarcastic, and if I could comfortably live life in 4-inch heels I would. My promise to you through this blog is that any time you come here, you will always find the real me. I promise to share with you lessons learned by me, a working, first time mom, relating to all things personal with a twist of humor. Transparency guaranteed.

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