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An Elephant never forgets.



But a 30-year-old post baby sure does. Holy goodness gracious Peter, Paul and Mary what a day.


“They” tell you there’s such a thing as baby brain when you’re pregnant and I can tell you it’s totally true. What they don’t tell you is that on certain sporadic days forgetfulness comes on full force after the baby is born too.


I don’t know if it’s because Adelyn has been fighting a nasty cold mixed with the stomach flu since last Thursday so I’m more sleep deprived than usual or if I just have so much going on that I’m starting to spin, but my forgetfulness is at an all time high right now. And I mean RIGHT.NOW. Today. Well, and yesterday apparently.


My morning started at 4:07 a.m. when Adelyn woke up wide-eyed and at her capacity for breathing while lying down. Enough mucus had run down that tiny throat of hers that I can only imagine in her mind it was just better to give up that runny fight and start the day. I, however, was not ready for that. Starting my day at 4 a.m. for the sixth day in a row was just not something my tired body was going to work through. So I picked her up, cuddled her in a blanket and propped myself up so she could rest on my chest while I patted her butt to the beat of whatever was playing on Baby Einstein radio. I might have had to be awake, but I was able to keep my brain turned off for hopefully another hour. Success.


The problem is I apparently forgot to turn my brain back on at all.


Husby got out of bed with us at 5 a.m.—not that he’s been getting any more sleep than I have the last six nights—and made us some fancy espresso meets hot chocolate meets caramel drinks followed by egg, ham and cheese breakfast burritos. This was bound to be a good day! And really, the humor that’s to be found in today’s events really does still make this a good day. Because when you read what you’re about to, you can’t help but have a good laugh.


I left the house promptly at 6:55 a.m. and arrived at my parents’ seven minutes early giving me a few minutes to chat with my Mom about Adelyn’s cold and show the disgusting (but oh so useful) thing that is an electronic nose aspirator. In simple terms: an electronic snot sucker. And I still got to the office six minutes early. Again, success.


Then it happened. I walked behind my desk to find this sticky note on my wallet:
























Yes, I unknowingly threw away my wallet yesterday in my office garbage can. The sad thing is I don’t even know when I did that. I cannot for the life of me figure out what I was meaning to throw away when my wallet either replaced it or accompanied it. Either way, there’s nothing I could have been throwing away heavy enough to make the noise my wallet had to make when it landed in that canister…a noise I somehow did not notice. Forgetful Fail #1.


I rolled my eyes at myself and proceeded to reach into my purse for my phone to take a picture of the note and wallet to send to Husby for his entertainment; at which point I realized I didn’t have my phone with me and vaguely remembered plugging it in while pumping to restore the battery life I lost during Adelyn and my early morning jam session with Baby Einstein. Forgetful Fail #2.


If it only ended there. As I set my purse down I realized the area was very spacious. Of course. Because I left that annoyingly necessary black bag with my favorite milk extracting mechanism in it hanging on the back of a kitchen chair. Next to the diaper bag. The diaper bag that I did remember to take with me. How on earth… Forgetful Fail #3.


Thank the Lord for my amazing husband who always so willingly comes to the rescue.


I should probably just leave you with that because you get the point; I was all over the place today. But I won’t. I’ll give you that final little piece of “where is my brain” that happened to me today. The most entertaining one if you will. Actually, I’ll just show you the email I sent to my girlfriend I work with (I know, I’m pretty lucky to get to work with one of my best friends from college/old roommate/bridesmaid every day to at least have someone to share these moments with!).




































So to all of you who read this: Happy Tuesday and you’re welcome. I hope there is someone out there who can relate to this craziness that is the brain of a new mom working full time, and I'm certainly thankful it's a short work week this week!













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