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Yeah, yeah, I know I should leave the lyric writing up my talented musician and recording artist of a husband, but he can’t be the only unfortunate soul forced to humor my painfully bad lyricism can he? After all, he does already have to tolerate it on a regular basis when he {probably against his will} hears me turning any current pop hit into a satirical ditty about something or another around the house, or {worse yet} something toddler related!


Back to the topic of this post, I don’t think I’m alone when I say that finding great fitting jeans can be kind of a pain in the you-know-what.  My height really puts me in the petite range, and my waist is relatively small compared to what I have going on in the back. Now I am complaining, and I’m thankful for what my mama gave me; but it does make it a little more challenging to find a pair of jeans that work for my body.


Truth be told, I built a good inventory of perfectly fitting jeans circa 2008. And yes, I do realize it’s now 2014.


Nonetheless, the thing about jeans is that when you find a good, classic fit, you can undoubtedly fit into any fashion scene for years. Sure, I have literally countless (ok, not countless because I just counted and my total is at 31) pairs of jeans ranging from skinny, colored, high-waist and destroyed to stretch, wide leg, and so on jeans. But everyone needs at least couple of classic, great fitting jeans that aren’t only purchased to roll with the trends (oh my gosh, even I can’t believe I just wrote that!).


That’s what brought me to this topic. Once I had Adelyn I’ve naturally started spending more time on the floor, equating to more time crawling around on my knees. Whether it’s to play with her or pick up toys without remaining in a constant hunch-back position, I’m almost always on the floor these days. By the end of last winter every.single.pair of my perfectly fitting jeans (sans one), either had a hole in a knee or was worn so thin that it’s literally one wash away from the start of a hole. This is so sad.


I’ve searched for the “same” jeans I currently have, but as with everything fashion-related, companies even change their denim styles to ebb and flow with the current trends, making it virtually impossible to just go to the same company and successfully find any style named the style I currently own and love. This is even sadder.


The problem I seem to further face right now is the fact that back pockets can be kind of a make it or break it for me. Even if a pair of jeans fits me absolutely perfect, I just can’t pull off the bedazzled booty look. I also find that if there isn’t at least some type of stitching on the hinder pockets that it accentuates my…ehem…”ass”ets a little more than I prefer.


But. I recently found a pair that I LOVE. One pair. I found them at TJ Maxx, so I literally could only buy one.pair. Enter into my life the Levi’s Demi Curve Low Rise.


Levi's Shop Your Curve

Levi's describes its Demi Curve Low Rise jean in the cutest way ever: Our Demi Curve jeans are specifically designed for an hourglass-shaped body. They fit in all the right places—no pinching, pulling or bent-over backside reveals. You get an overall smoother silhouette and jeans that look like they were made for you.


Their website also has this awesome area called Shop Your Curve where it asks you just a couple questions to determine your best fit. I was surprised when I tried it and it recommended the exact fit I just found at TJ Maxx and as stated before, I love. I also love that this is how the site announced my results:

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You have to admit it doesn't get much cuter than "elegantly hourglass".


My Relationship with Levi's

Husby introduced me to Levi’s shortly after we started dating, and I {embarrassingly} always thought before him that Levi's and Lee were the same brand. Oops. It turns out not only are the quality, fit and fit options a world of difference, but so are the price tags. The key to Levi’s, though, is that you can’t just pop into your local department store and expect to find the style you know and love. Nope, every department store must have some type of contract with Levi’s about which cut they can sell because I can go to Macy’s, Kohl’s, JC Penney, Sears, Dillard’s, even Urban Outfitters and others and they all seem to carry a different variety of fits. 


In sum, if you happen to live near a Levi’s store I strongly suggest you check them out and try on as many styles as possible. They have almost every type of jean you can imagine, and I think that after searching high and low for a new go-to, classic pair, that I’ve finally found them!


Or if you're a little bit of a risk taker, go to their site and find out your fit and order online. You can access the Levi's What's Your Curve ID? here.


What's even better? {That's right, Kevin!} <--If you aren't a Friends fanatic like me you won't understand that, but it felt so right I just had to insert that line. Their prices range from $48-$195 depending on how "specialty" you want your fit! Online the pair I bought are regularly $68, making them more affordable than my past perfect-fit denim (I think I spent an embarrasing amount like $125 on my favorite Guess jeans in 2008). If you have patience, shop at places like TJ Maxx or Marshall's because they've had a bigger Levi's selection lately and there the price tag is only $19.99!



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