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Easter Love.



We moved into our new house a month ago, and during the moving process decided it would be really neat to host Easter for each of our families this year. Both of our families are going through some hard times right now, so we thought it not only a great opportunity to christen the new house with lots of family love, but also a great way to take a little pressure off our moms.


So we had a weekend of Easter celebration. Husby's family came over on Saturday and mine came over on Sunday. That meant Adelyn got to do two Easter egg hunts. Albeit exhausted by Sunday night, she was not complaining.


Of all holidays, Easter is probably one of my favorites. Weird, right? You don't hear many people say that. Here's the thing. So many people talk about the real meaning of Christmas; but what about the real meaning of Easter? You guys, the celebration of Easter is the celebration of Christ rising from the dead. Say those words out loud. We all know it, we've all heard the story. 


But that's just it; it isn't just a story. It's real. This holiday is the sole reason we can be saved and spend eternity in heaven. If the reason we have to celebrate Easter never happened, we would all be doomed to spend eternity where we deserve. So was I eagerly happy to host two Easter celebrations? You had better believe it.


On the other side of the holiday, I've just never really understood the Easter bunny. I get the Santa thing, and we do the Santa thing. We do the Easter basket from the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts too. But the actual Easter bunny? Think about it...


The reason for Easter is to celebrate Jesus coming back from the dead. From the dead. That's big stuff. That's stuff that doesn't just happen every day.


But hey, if that's not cool enough for you, maybe the creation of a giant, terrifying bunny randomly coming to life and filling a basket is what excites you. Because which is better? Someone literally coming back to life after passing away two days prior, or a human-sized bunny walking on two feet?


I'm sorry, I have to poke fun because the idea of the Easter bunny is just something I've never been about to wrap my head around. We absolutely told Adelyn the Easter bunny was going to fill her Easter basket; I'm not saying I'm above this silly tradition. It just didn't actually dawn on me that we never provided further explanation on it until we were heading out for a walk this week and she pointed to an 8-inch bunny statue sitting in the corner in our garage and giggled saying "there's the Easter bunny!"


Back to topic, here's our new home--captured in pictures--ready to celebrate Easter. 


And for those who may have taken my above statements wrong: I don't care if people do the Easter bunny. We do too, I just personally don't understand it.


P.S. Can you find the 6-pound perma pup that I just couldn't get out of one of the pictures?


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Playing the role of a traveling mom is hard. Playing the role of a traveling wife is hard. But playing the role of the husband to the traveling mom and wife? It's probably harder. 


Now don't mistake the reference hard as something I dislike. I love my job. I love traveling for my job. Loving it, however, doesn't take away the difficulty of leaving a pretty cute little 2.5-year-old, and pretty great guy I like to call Husby.


Last year my trips were proably the hardest on me. The guilt over what I was missing in Adelyn's ever-changing personality, the guilt over the things Husby was picking up the slack on while I was gone, the guilt over the guilt of still loving my job despite the guilt (say that five times fast). I was pretty hard on myself in a lot of respects. 


But this year my trips seem to be the hardest on Adelyn. She's old enough now to understand that I'm gone, and she's old enough now to actually cry a sad cry at this notion.

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When it comes to anything beauty, my hair always comes first. Want to give me the best compliment of my life? Skip the eyes, skip the shape I'm in, skip anything and everything. Go straight to my hair. If you compliment my hair, I'm putty in your hands. Seriously.


Husby will attest that I'm borderline neurotic when it comes to haircare. I refuse to use drugstore brands on it, and oh my goodness if we're out of town and I forgot to pack shampoo and conditioner you had better believe we're in search of the nearest beauty store. My hair will forever be the one area I will not skimp on just to save a dime. 


As such, when companies approach me to review haircare products on here, I always let them know up front that the odds of the product actually making it up for a review is incredibly slim. So imagine my own shock that I'm posting about Pantene Pro-V, a drugstore line that will actually become part of my everyday haircare now!


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If you’ve had a two-year-old, then you know there are two types. There’s the Oh yeah, my daughter is two and then there’s the OH MY GOSH MY DAUGHTER IS TWO.


Last weekend we finally became further acquainted with the latter of the two twos.


You know how they say morning sickness essentially turns off like a light switch when you reach 13 weeks of pregnancy? I swear the two-year-old attitude pops off and on the exact same way. Go to bed Friday night laughing and happy, wake up Saturday sobbing and whining (her, not me, although depending on the day...kidding, kidding) and not knowing at all why she’s upset. Seriously, she didn’t know why; I asked her.


Adelyn, why are you crying? What’s wrong?

I DON’T KNOW, MOMMA! (tears streaming down her face). 


So this is two.  [Continue reading...]

3-MINUTE UPDO: A Hair Tutorial


I pretty much feel like I’ve been on the run nonstop lately. Even on my relaxing days at home I’ve been putting pressure on getting out for “one more walk” with ­the dog or stopping at the park “just in case” it’s our last really nice weekend here. We are in the Midwest, after all, so the change in temps can literally happen overnight.


With busy schedules comes the need for easy hairstyles, though. And the one I’m showing you today is pretty much the easiest of all the easies (I know, my brain may have turned off at this point today!). The first time I wore my hair like was actually more of an accident, but the compliments and questions on how I did it made me realize it was a perfect hairstyle for when I’m on the go but still want to look put together (which, like I said, seems to be most days lately).


The best part is that this hairstyle can work in almost any hair length, including my 2-year-old's.  [Continue reading...]


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