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Over the last couple of years with this blog I've received a good amount of questions just about me in general. So, I've compiled a little list of the most frequently asked questions I find in my inbox!


Are you a natural blonde?

Yes. In the summer. My hair is weird and while my entire life I was a complete toehead with white-blonde hair even through high school and college, it's gotten darker over the last several years. So in the winter my hair does this natural ombre thing (although some years I help it by going extra dark on top), but as soon as the summer sun hits my tresses it turns bleach blonde all over.


How tall are you?



How do you curl your hair?

I'm asked this question literally every time I have my hair curled or post a picture with it curled. I promise it's insanely easy once you get used to doing it! I use this Hot Tools curling wand, and filmed a beachy wave tutorial here to help show the technique.


What's a random quirky fact about you?

I dye my eyebrows using Just for Men's Mustache & Beard color. I mentioned above that my hair gets naturally darker when it's not in the sun, but oddly enough my eyebrows do not. Year-round, my eyebrows stay a bleach-blonde that pretty much make my face lack some shape. So I dye them using this great trick learned from a friend because you can get multiple uses from the same box!


How do you find time to work out?

I'm not going to lie, it's hard. I wrote a post on a few tips for very effective workouts that don't take much time here, but ultimately it comes down to knowing I always feel so much better when I'm active, so I really use that as my motivation. Not to mention I love to eat. While I keep a pretty healthy diet most days, I don't want to feel guilty when I indulge, so keeping a regular workout routine allows that.



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