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I don't really like the word woman. To me it screams old and mature, and lacks the definition of fun and carefree; two things I like to believe I am (at least sometimes...when I'm not being a nuerotic, overbearing control freak that is!). As such, I initially had this post titled "Grown-Up {female} Edition".


Then I went to Chicago over Black Friday weekend for a girls shopping trip with my mom and 10-year-old niece. Over the three days we were in Chicage, my niece made it very clear to me that what draws me to an item does not tend to be what she, as she enters tweendom, thinks is on-trend.


Enter title change. I am, in fact, a woman. *wince*


Now onto this post... My idea of a perfect gift is something I won't spend money on myself, but is something that I'd really enjoy having. Truthfully that sort of list is pretty hard to come up with because if I really want something I'll typically just go buy it (as do But there are some items I just can't get myself to spend the money on myself, so once I thought about it I did find a decent number of items that I think would appeal to a lot of women who might be in the same boat as me.


Plus, it's a nice way to give Husby my wishlist without just outright saying "Hey Husby, buy me something on this list!" He only checks out my blog once in awhile, so here's my hint to him on ideas...if he sees it!

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1. Tory Burch Rose Gold Fitbit. I'm so late to the fitbit trend, and I really don't think I'd even be interested in joining it if it weren't for this beauty! Being the fitness lover I am, I truly like the idea of always tracking my activity. But those black (or colored) rubber wristbands just don't fit my vision of accessorizing enough to even entertain the idea of wearing one. This one, though?! Get.On.My.Wrist.


2. Victoria's Secret Fireside Long Jane Pajamas. The printed thermal/legging trend for lounging at home made its way into my heart (and dresser drawer) almost the minute they debuted on store shelves. I have an {almost} overabundance of plain long-sleeve tunic tops and polyester/cotton blend long button downs, which pair perfectly with these thermal bottoms under some cute mukluks. And there are few things better than feeling cute and comfortable at home. My current small collection came mostly from Target or Forever 21, so getting a cute set from Victoria's Secret would not disappoint me.


3. Bare Minerals Party Starters Eyeshadow. I don't have an overabundance of eye shadows and I tend to stick to the same thing just because I never want to spend the moola on more, so a small set of a bunch of colors just screams "perfect gift" to me.


4. Kindle Paperwhite. Husby thinks I'm a nerd and neither of my sisters can understand why, but I just love sitting down with a book when Adelyn naps or after she goes to bed. I get it 100% from my dad. When I realized I read NINE books over the course of the summer that are now just stashed in a box in the basement, at $16.99 a piece it was easy to realize the Kindle Paperwhite would be a good gift for me. Not only do the electronic books cost less and some you can even borrow, it would be so much lighter and less waste to read them on an e-reader. I already have an iPad, so I don't want it for all the extra apps, and as a contact wearer my eyes get so.dry staring at the iPad screen (I know I could download the Kindle app on my iPad). The Paperwhite solves that problem, and it was reviewed higher in the Digital Trends comparison against the Nook Glowlight.


5. Gwen Stafani OPI Mini Holiday Starters. Until this year I've always just been a clear nail polish type of girl. My hands are inevitably in a ridiculous amount of soapy water with all the toddler things I'm constantly washing, so my nails are much more brittle than ever before. As a result I now keep them short and find I love how color looks on them with this new length! I tend to just buy the cheap nail polish brands for myself because it always thickens up before I finish a bottle. This mini collection of higher-quality polish would be a great start to upping my game in the polish arena.


6. Beauty Blender. I've meant to add this to my beauty box so.many.times. In fact I've even driven to Sephora with my only intention to purchase it, but I always go home empty handed because I don't want to spend the $20 on what is essentially a sponge. Still, I've read countless blogs from people who swear by this item, so I really would love to own it!


7. Saffiano Studded Box Tote Bag, Grey. Since becoming a mom I just haven't been able to convince myself to continue investing in bags/purses. I still love them just as much as I always have, and I'm away from Adelyn enough that it's not like I only use a diaper bag for my stuff. But I just can't get myself to get in the checkout line  with a new bag anymore. That means that getting one as a gift would probably derive a decent reaction out of me. My current collection is plenty large to get me by with various outfit options, but I don't have any that fit into the boxy category that is so in right now. Hopefully that will change in 2015. :)



What's on your list this year? Has anyone else had a harder time shopping for themselves after becoming a Mom? I seriously came home from Chicago with bags of stuff for Adelyn and next to nothing for myself!




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