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Jute-wrapped monogram wreath {diy}.



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As I become a little more acquainted with the domestic life, I’m starting to pick up some DIY projects that a few years ago you never would have caught me even thinking about trying to attemps. I have the patience for a lot of things, but arts and crafts has never really been one of them. Imagine my surprise when I was browsing Pinterest and Etsy the other week and started finding things that I want to try. Take, for example, this wreath.


In the past I would have looked at the Etsy cost, $35, and decided that it was absolutely worth my money to just buy one already made. (And I still don’t think they have this overpriced at all!) But by multitasking in front of the TV, I was able to make my own for far less money. My biggest time investment on the project was (sadly) the time it took me to aimlessly wander through JoAnn Fabrics in search of the materials I needed. Ah yes, the part that screams I’ve never done arts and crafts before in my adult life!


Once I had everything I needed (outlined below), I started making my very own jute-wrapped monogram wreath. We just moved out of our fourth floor condo the end of last month, so as we get settled into a home with a yard and garage and front door that leads to a front step that leads to a  driveway, I’ve developed this interest in making things…homey, if you will.


After completing this project even I can attest that it’s easy and cheap! And…husband approved (which means not too girly).


Here’s what you need:

12” paper mâché letter ($2.50 from JoAnn Fabric with 40% off coupon)

1 roll of jute twine ($2.60 from JoAnn Fabric)

Flower (I had the one I used in a stock pile of flowers for making headbands for my daughter, but you can make felt flowers yourself for $0.44 for the felt)

1 ½-inch ribbon

Hot glue gun



Since “A” is kind of a tricky letter with all the slants (and unfortunately they didn’t sell any with a larger hole in the middle), I started by cutting a bunch of short pieces of the jute and wrapping them individually around the bottom and top parts of the letter, securing with hot glue. These don’t really matter if they’re not the same length because they’ll be covered when you wrap horizontally.

Next I glued pieces of jute to the four sides of the angled sections. I did this so when I wrapped it horizontally the jute would have something to grip to. I don’t know that this was necessary, but it gave me peace of mind that once I started wrapping it wouldn’t all have to be redone.

Then I started wrapping horizontally until the entire letter was covered. I secured the flower with hot glue, but if you want to make your own felt rolled flowers the Internet is flooded with tutorials on how to do it. I cut off a piece of the black 1 ½-inch ribbon and made a bow to go above the flower.

Then I made a bow with long “legs” and used the glue gun to make sure the bow didn’t loosen while hung (essentially I just stuck the glue gun into the knot and shot a little glue in). Finally I just secured each leg to the back of the letter for hanging to create the finished product shown at the top of the page!


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