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“The fourth thing at Christmas that’s such a pain to me, sending Christmas cards…”

If you haven’t heard that song, look it up, it makes me laugh every time I hear it.

Unlike that song, I love Christmas and all the “pains” that come with it. I tweeted earlier this week that Christmas threw up on me, and it’s probably all-too-true. As soon as Thanksgiving is over (seriously folks, those of you who start BEFORE Thanksgiving are even a little too Christmas for this spirited gal), I listen to Christmas music at every chance possible. I even made sure to pop in the Alvin & The Chipmunks Christmas cd this year for my morning and afternoon commutes with Adelyn!

There’s so much irony in my Christmas spirit, though. I hate clutter, but bringing all the boxes of Christmas décor up from storage creates a disaster for that weekend of decorating. I hate disorganization, but coming up with and organizing a Christmas card picture never seems to run smoothly. I hate crabby attitudes, but the mall is filled with them this time of year. Despite all the hates, I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. I love decorating, I love doing Christmas cards and I love Christmas shopping. And yes, I do realize it doesn’t make sense.

So…this weekend will be the weekend of craziness. “We’re” (meaning Husby) is lugging up all the boxes of Christmas goodies tonight. Tomorrow I’m having my beautiful friend from Nicaragua over while she’s in town from Miami, and I hope to make all my clay gift tags (post to follow, assuming they turn out) that will be going on our shabby-chic wrapped presents while she’s visiting. Then comes Sunday. Ooowweee, I don’t even know if I should list what I plan to achieve. Sunday Husby has committed to taking our Christmas card pictures after church and before the Packer game starts.

Christmas card pictures! This part is so fun to me because every year we have to try to top our prior year’s card. Last year our card was also our innovative pregnancy announcement with a crossword puzzle to solve in order to get the news, so it’s going to be hard to create the hype that one did!





















But we’re up to the challenge, and being the goofballs we are we’re excited to showcase our fun side and perhaps make our families question if this time we actually have lost our minds.


After pictures I plan to decorate, decorate, decorate. My goal is to decorate the entire condo before I go to bed Sunday night, but with how active Adelyn suddenly is I’m already aware that there’s no way that will happen. A girl can hope, right?

So keep an eye out, I’ll post some of the outtakes from our pre-Christmas, Christmas weekend.



















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