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Letters to Adelyn | Month 3

Another month has gone by which means we’ve already had three full months together. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown! It’s hard to think back to how different your personality has become in these three short months. To think just 90 days ago you couldn’t lift your neck and you only ate and slept…how different life already is for you!

You let out your first real, deep belly giggle about three weeks ago. I wish I could describe to you the feeling it gave me. There is truly no better sound in the world than what it sounds like when you laugh. It’s so pure; so innocent; so REAL. I’m borderline obsessed with your feet and hands. They’re still so tiny, but they’ve plumped up from your first month to show how healthy you are. When we talk you reach out and grab my lower lip on a fairly regular basis now. Even with those sharp little claws you sometimes have it makes me smile which, in turn, makes your whole body curl up while you smile.

There are so many changes you’ve made this last month! You’ve gained just over one pound since your two-month check up, and your neck has gotten so strong. Within one week you went from not really enjoying tummy time to being able to arch up really high. You love standing and sitting up, but thankfully you still don’t hesitate to cuddle up on your stomach on Mom, or curl up on your back in Dad’s arms.

You’ve been such a good baby when it comes to sleeping. You’ve been sleeping from about 9:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. for four weeks now! We finally moved you into your own crib in your own room a few weeks ago, and I’m fairly certain it was the hardest on me. You were so brave; we started with a nap then moved to letting you have your freedom overnight too. It took almost everything in me not to shed a tear at your sudden independence through an entire night. While it makes me so happy to get to sleep for longer stretches, the thought that you’re already slipping into that crazy thing we call growing up tugs at my heart strings a little.

I cherish every second I have holding you because I’m so scared these moments will be gone too quickly. I love that when you’re restless I can somehow always find what you need to get you to cuddle in under my neck. My heart melts every time you push your head into the side of my neck after you eat and you fall right asleep on my shoulder. Putting you down seems hard to do every time.

Sometimes I look at you and it actually hurts to feel so much love for one tiny being. I want to protect you from the world and preserve your innocence for as long as possible. You are impossibly perfect; I ache to shield you from anything I can. Three months in and I’ve still never experienced even a moment of frustration with you. I still believe God knew what he was doing when he gave me you, because I could have never earned such a flawless, well-tempered baby girl. I love you with every feeling my heart can hold.

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