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TruHair Beauty: Product Review

I know what you’re thinking, product review?! Since when?! Well, since a company finally sent me a product I liked! Over the last few months as Richmond & Style has really taken off (which I thank you all for because without readers I’m just typing words on a page), I’ve had a few companies contact me about trying their products and reviewing them on here. And I gave each of them the same disclosure: I’ll try anything you send me, but I’ll only post about items I like.

But why not post about everything? First, I don’t think it benefits anyone to write negative reviews on here. If I don’t like something I don’t need to flaunt it to the world. To the same effect, I absolutely will not give a rave review about a product just because it was sent to me for free. My whole mission of Richmond & Style is to create transparency and build a place people can come to read and unwind and know they’re receiving nothing but the truth from me. I’m just not interested in compromising that reader trust to get a few more free things.

On to the review…

I’ve said it before, but when it comes to hair care I’m kind of a snob. I’m not a hairstylist and I don’t know everything there is to know about hair, but I do know my hair and I know what I like and don’t like.

Having a baby took a beating on my locks. First I lost half of them and now I have those anything-but-attractive baby hairs growing in that are roughly an inch to and inch and a half long right now. There’s just no hairstyle that looks good with those babies popping out everywhere! So I’ve been taking extra special care of my hair lately; almost never blow drying it and maintaining a very specific daily routine.

And I’m excited to say that TRUHAIR’s Miracle Hair Serum is now part of that routine!


TRUHAIR was developed by Chelsea Scott, an acclaimed professional in the beauty industry. Her focus on this line was to help people recreate the look they get at a salon at home. What girl doesn’t want that? The line was launched via the HSN Network in 2012 and was even reviewed in Cosmo magazine.

TRUHAIR sent me two items to try: Miracle Hair Oil-Free Replenishing Serum and Raise the Roots Thickening Fiber Styling Cream. Here’s what I think.


Miracle Hair Oil-Free Replenishing Serum. I’m not going to lie that I was a little leery when I first tried this because I am an avid user of the Redken 02 for the same purpose. However, the first day I used the serum from TRUHAIR I was sold. It’s SO LIGHTWEIGHT. It leaves my hair extremely smooth and soft, even when I air-dry it. Without the serum, air-drying causes my hair to get almost a coarse texture to it, so I was very excited when this serum solved that problem.

Even with experiencing the above, I wasn’t ready to post a good review until I tested it with some heat. Our trip to Vegas two weeks ago was the perfect time for that. I blow-dried my hair every day we were out there and used curling irons and straighteners to boot. I was honestly shocked to find that my ends NEVER looked dry, even after blasting them with those cheap hotel blow dryers. So my review? I’m a full-fledged converter from Redken 02 to TRUHAIR Miracle Hair Oil-Free Replenishing Serum!

Application: Rubbed between hands and comb through wet hair.

Benefits: Lightweight, moisturizes great, makes hair smooth but not weighed down.

Downfall: I don’t like the pump. That’s totally minor, but every time I pump it an air bubble seems to come out with the product so I usually have to use two pumps. No big deal.

Price Point: $24.95

Raise the Roots Thickening Fiber Styling Cream. In general I’m not a big product person when it comes to styling my hair. I have pretty fine hair, and while I typically have a lot of it (less now that I lost that post-baby hair), it still seems to look bogged down easily. I’m not even much of a hairspray user. The directions on the tube of Raise the Roots say to apply to wet hair then again when dry for additional styling as an option. Applying it to my hair when it was still wet didn’t end up being the best option for me, probably because my hair is so fine. It ended up looking greasier that I would have liked.

However, The next time I used it I waited until my hair was dry and it worked PERFECTLY. It worked even BETTER on my day-old hair when I curled it and wanted some more volume at the top. The best way for me to describe this product is like this:

You know that moment right before someone is about to take a picture of you and you rub your fingertips into the top of your head to add that little oomph to your style before kicking out your best pose for the shot? Raise the Roots takes care of that for you. So you can pretty much walk around all day with that little extra “oomph”. Plus, this product smells AMAZING. Even my husband asked what I did differently because he liked the smell. It’s a very light, fresh scent that's refreshing for any season.

Application: Rubbed between my fingertips and applied to dry, styled hair for added volume.

Benefits: Smells great, added volume lasts through wind and a night full of dancing

Downfall: A little heavy when put into fine hair prior to drying.

Price Point: $21.95

TRUHAIR has a number of other products in its line that I’m also interested in trying out. Chelsea Scott has developed what’s called a Color ‘n’ Lift Temporary Root Powder, which essentially works as a touch up to outgrown roots in between salon appointments. It rinses out with each wash. This type of product sounds very interesting, and with the positive experience I’ve had with the other two items I think I’ll have to check it out. (Despite the use of “n” in place of “and”, which is a huge grammar no-no for snobs like me. Their other items are so good that I just might be willing to overlook that and THAT, my friends, speaks volume!)

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