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Sunny Days, Las Vegas Nights

Fedora: Target

Crop Boyfriend Jean: Hollister, super old (similar)

Sweater: Gift (similar)

Penny Loafers: Crown Vintage

Wedge Sandals: Guess (similar)

Chevron Necklace: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Top Shop

Rose Gold Watch: Express

Bracelet: Lucky Brand

I've definitely done my fair share of traveling. And while traveling for work is a huge benefit cost wise, the packing portion requires a little more creativity. Especially when Husby comes along to make the trip double as a mini vaca for us. Lucky for me, I’m not afraid of a little outfit challenge. Ok, maybe I look forward to creating outfits is a better statement.

Vegas weather at the end of March (I knooooow, I’m so late in posting this!) is all over the board. The first three days we were there it was in the 80s, and then the third day it was 65 with 25 mph desert winds. Oy.

But, have no fear the traveling fashionista packer is here! Whenever I’m traveling and know I’ll get downtime to enjoy the city I’ll be in I try to pack a few staples that can be converted throughout the trip. In the picture above, those staples are obvious: a light-colored Fedora, boyfriend jeans and a thin belt.

The first day we were there we toured the Neon Boneyard, probably something people are more familiar with from the movie Last Vegas as the location Michael Douglas and Mary Steenburgen stroll through when she blatantly starts to fall for him. It was really cool to see and totally worth the $18 a piece to get the history on so many of the old, infamous Vegas signs. It makes me wish LED lights were never invented, really.

Anyway, it was 82 degrees and not really somewhere you go all dressed up, so I went with a casual, lightweight tank tucked into destroyed crop boyfriend jeans rolled and a thin belt, then added a little bit of chic with my vintage Valentino purse and wedge sandals. The Fedora, long necklace and square-shaped sunglasses completed the look.

The last day we were there it was sunny but only in the mid-60s. Since it was 10 degrees back home I wasn’t complaining, but it made for a totally different outfit mix as we walked the streets. I just took a loose knit, somewhat baggy sweater, tucked the front into those boyfriend jeans with that thin belt again, rolled the sleeves of the sweater and wore tan leather penny loafers. Add in the Fedora, a long gold chevron necklace, rose gold watch and gold bracelet and we have a perfect walk-the-streets-and-shop outfit.

I didn’t include pictures, but I wore the Fedora through the airport too, both ways. It makes for a great face cover for plane naps, and it added a nice little finishing touch to the messy side braid I love to travel in. On the way there I wore super skinny black jeans, an extra soft grey v-neck t-shirt underneath a long tan, open slub sweater and penny loafers. On the way home I wore it with black leggings and a chambray button down layered over a light tan tank with penny loafers. They were probably my two favorite travel outfits and people, I.have.traveled.

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