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Toddler One-Year Favs

As I start to formulate the words that will eventually make up this post, I’m brought back to the earlier occurrences of this evening before my daughter went to bed. The truth of the matter is, she has more interest in playing with the dog’s food and water, opening and closing the couple cabinets that aren’t baby proofed and racing me to the bathroom before I remember to close her off from it (luckily her running skills are still in the developmental stages so at this point I’m still faster) than she actually does with any of these things I’m going to tell you about. BUT I can’t make a cute little graphic of those things now can I?

The moments—as few and far between as they may seem—that Adelyn isn’t busy with things that she shouldn’t be, she does actually have some definite favorites (and so do I!). I thought I’d share some of her top playtime items because I found that when people asked for ideas for presents for her that I had no.idea what she’d want. And with plenty of friends’ babies turning one soon, suggestions on toys and brands are always a welcome topic for me. So I thought some of you might enjoy the help too!

1. Doc McStuffins and Minnie Mouse Plane Ride On toys. At first glance these may seem like the same toy, but our little one-year-old has made it very clear that they’re different, and in turn she finds them fun for different reasons. The Doc McStuffins version has the startup sound of a real car (I mean, as real as a plastic car with no engine can sound), and a horn that she loves to honk. It’s really sturdy so every day we bring it outside with us (then back inside again because heaven FORBID she not have it to play with inside too) and she rides it as I push her down the driveway to get the mail. She honks the horn repeatedly the entire walk down the driveway and back, and our neighbors smile and wave as she does this.

The Minnie Mouse airplane is what she chooses to set her doll on to push around the house. This toy also provides unbelievable entertainment with its spinning propeller that lights up in the front. Minnie moves up and down while the plane “engine” starts and the propeller spins. Since the propeller is made of a soft foam-like material, she can stick her fingers in it and giggle to no end as the propeller stutters and/or stops. in response.

2. Little Tykes Hide & Seek Climber. Husby and I got her this for her birthday thinking she would love the swing now and grow into the slide. We’re such naïve parents, even a year into it. She really couldn’t care less about the swing, but that slide? Oh.My.Gosh. It’s like she’s never experienced such fun in her life. She’s already figured out how to climb up the back (with supervision only, of course), and she stands at the top squealing with excitement before she slides down.

3. Cabbage Patch Kid. The fact that Cabbage Patch Kids are back honestly excites me to a degree I probably shouldn't admit. We bought this for her on a whim a few months before her first birthday and ever since this doll has to come with her everywhere. And I.Mean.Everywhere. She comes to the grocery store, on walks, to the farmer’s market; you name it, “Leah” (if you’ve ever had a cabbage patch you know they come with names), comes with us. I think the hair on this doll was a key factor to her attachment to it because she typically carries this girl around by one pigtail.

4. American Girl Bitty Baby High Chair and Mealtime Set. This was a present she got and I have to admit that I’m shocked at how much she loves it. She doesn’t have a bitty baby {yet}, but this was a present given to her because of how much she loves her cabbage patch “baby”. Her baby fits in this chair perfectly, so that’s where she is put away at night and it’s the first place Adelyn heads to every morning to wave to Leah and give her her butterfly bottle. The duck spoon has probably spent more time in Adelyn’s mouth than her doll’s, but she’s learning to feed herself with a spoon right now and I think she just loves that extra practice (eh, who am I kidding, nothing stays out of this kid’s mouth at this age!).

5. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike. Ok, so this might be one of Mom’s favorites more so than Adelyn’s, but seriously, this thing is so cool. It definitely had a learning curve to steering since its intended purpose is to help teach your toddler how to ride the trike (it’s just very touchy). Adelyn thinks it’s fun to be in, and there’s actually a little wrap around tray/cup holder that the picture above doesn’t show. This has become my stroller of choice when we go places, and until her feet reach the pedals she just rests those little tootsies on the plastic piece above the front wheel.

6. Fisher Price Little People Build ‘n Play Sandbox. My child loves sand. Loves, loves, loves it. I should probably add another love in there. This sandbox is perfect because it’s small, it has a liner on the bottom and a cover for the top. It comes apart super easy, has a cute little carrying tote to put everything in AND comes with sand toys. It’s designed to put water in the little moat around the sand, but while I understand my child is bound to get dirty, I don’t see a need to expedite the process by putting water RIGHT around sand. We all know the sand will end up in the water moat and who really wants to clean that? My goodness, it’s hard enough to get her to keep the sand out of her little pool set up 10 feet away from the sandbox!

So all in all, there are quite a few options for toys a one-year-old will love. While I can’t promise it will keep your little one out of the non-toy items, these were all great additions to our world of children’s toys.

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