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That Braid Tho: Hair Tutorial

Braids are the staple of all things hair; at least to me. They can be neatly put together or partially pulled apart and they still make almost every outfit look complete. They're comfortable to wear and put very little strain on those precious strands that succomb to other damage all too easily. Braids can be perfectly executed with wet hair or three-day-old hair, and there are so.many.styles of braids!

But this braid?

This braid is far too simple for all the comments, compliments and requests for how-tos that I get on it. This is most definitely my go-to braid, and I started doing it mostly because it could fully pull together every layer of hair I have. Not to mention it makes my hair look pretty thick for how fine it really is {and let's be honest girls, we all envy those thick locks some of you have!}

So I'm going {to try} to simply explain in written word how I create this braid. I'll assume that everyone reading this knows how to french braid, so if you don't please let me know! If it's decided that it would be more helpful to have a video tuturial just let me know and I'll attempt that. I've never actually recorded myself showing how to do something, but I've shown people this one in person so I'd be happy to try for y'all. I'll even try to talk slow because for all of you who've never heard me speak, I often joke that I naturally talk faster than the average person's brain can process :)

Updated from October 14

Ok so between Instagram, Facebook and my contact page on here and just running into people who've seen this, I've received so.much feedback on this post that it just needs a video. You all might regret asking for that after you watch it because...well, a couple things.

1. The video quality is terrible. I blame my computer along with the onset of cold weather because it gets dark sooooo early now and the natural light helps avoid the graininess you'll see.

2. I did this at night, after I put my daughter to bed. So, yeah. It had already been a long day.

3. My hair is no longer blonde. I had it colored for fall, and this video is a month and a half overdue.

4. It's awful. I talk so.much. The video is 15 minutes, but the actual "braid" portion is from just under the 5 minute mark to the 14 minute mark. So it takes less than 10 minutes if you take out all my jibber jabber.

BUT! I have a video tutorial for you nonetheless! Without further adue, here's how I do the braid.

The Braid.

  1. Start with an exaggerated side part and roughly an inch-worth of hair (an inch squared, if you will). Begin french braiding along the side of your face. NOTE: I tend to continue to grab hair in 1-inch sections to keep the braid chunkier instead of small and tight.

  2. When you get to your ear, just finish braiding the tail end with the three strands you have, ending the "french" braid portion at the ear. Secure the end of that braid with a clear, small elastic. I use the Goodie no-pull cheapies.

  3. Roughly pull on the sides of the braid to loosen it up and make it look wider. Set that braid aside for a minute.

  4. Now gather the top 1/3 of the hair you have hanging loose in the back, and, roughly 2/3 of the way down your head start another french braid on a slight angle toward the already completed braid.

  5. The first batch of hair you should pull into the french braid to create layer 2 of the french braid is 1/2 of the remaining loose hair. The second part you should pull into the french braid is the braid that is already completed. The final batch of hair you pull into the french braid is all of the remaining loose hair.

  6. Continue to braid a 3-strand braid until you have roughly 1-inch at the bottom, then secure with a clear elastic.

  7. Gently pull on the sides of the completed braid to make it look a little more full again and you're done!

It may sound like a lot written out, but it's really a fairly simple process. To complete my earlier list, braids are just so convenient. From traveling to business meetings to lounging at home, I firmly believe braids just help a girl look a little more finished in an easy way!

Probably my favorite thing about this braid is that the above picture was from a night I had a business dinner in the West Suburbs of Chicago. We were at a fabulous little Italian place called ZaZa's (seriously, try it if you're ever in the area) when a woman approached me asking to have her picture taked with me because she thought I looked like Elsa from Frozen and her granddaughter would be so excited to see it. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older, but I'm pretty sure that was the best compliment I've ever received. After all, what girl doesn't want to be told she looks like a Disney princess?! I attribute it all to the braid.

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