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Falling for Fashion; Again

So as I posted Monday, it's officially fall. Surprisingly I’m not at all upset about this (ok all you Midwesterners, let me have it, I know you’re all cursing me as you read that I’m not sad summer is over!). I love fall. It’s cool but not cold {typically}, and when the sun is out it’s comfortably warm. Husby and I got married in the middle of September and it was 72 with no humidity. Yesterday the morning was cool/cold, by mid-afternoon it was 73 and perfectly sunny, and now it’s cooling down again overnight. Perfection.

Fall is undoubtedly my favorite time of year. Starbucks sugar free vanilla, nonfat, no water chai lattes; Green Bay Packers football; hot wine; cozy nights on the couch; primetime tv shows; hayrides; apple picking; pumpkin scented candles; heck, pumpkin everything. And then…


When I think about fall fashion I swear I feel comparable to how my 14-month-old daughter feels right before she gets her hands on the TV remote she knows she’s not supposed to touch because we left it within her reach. I feel so.giddy. I know, I know, but it’s the little things in life, right?

What’s even better about fall fashion is that you can almost always just add a few staple pieces that are trending that year and pair them with older items you already have. Since Husby and I are building a house next spring in pretty much our dream neighborhood (woohoo!), the fact that I can be totally on trend without breaking the bank is a huge benefit.

So what am I eyeing up this year? Here’s the breakdown:

1. Overalls. I’ll get this controversial topic out of the way before moving on to the more “acceptable” items on my shopping list. So I’m not talking that baggy, unflattering on every body type style (except for my older sister who managed to pull them off in the 90s…jerk). To this day I still can’t find a picture of me in a pair back then because, well, I just don’t think anything about them ever complimented my frame. But this newer, overalls-redone look; I’m digging it. Unfortunately I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair, and the two pictured above are both out of stock right now, but they’re on my wish list. The skinny leg paired with the low back make this revived look perfect to me.

If I find a pair I promise to do an outfit post on my styling tips for them!

2. Long-Sleeve Peplum Top. Peplum tops give just a little extra flare to a casual look, helping you go from day to night seamlessly. I love the lace of the one shown above from H&M because it can make a pair of army skinnies a little more flashy or burgundy skinnies and booties a perfect trio for date night.

3. Mustard Skinnies. I love the boldness these bring to the season. Pair them with a burgundy or purple-hued top and you’ve got something that will make you stand out all while making people wonder how you made that work. I’m seeing this color for pants pop up more and more in pictures, but I’m still not seeing them in a lot of stores (I see the mustard color in tops everywhere, but not in pants). Jump on the bandwagon early; you won’t regret it, I promise!

4. Cream and Red Flannel. This is just more of a classic than a new trend, but I’ve searched high and low for a long, fitted flannel in these colors. The one from Pendleton is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I actually ordered this one already and it came in last week. They run in misses sizes there so I ordered a size smaller than normal and it.fits.amazing. The best part? It's usually $68 and on sale for $19.99! And it’s soooooo soft!

5. Harem Pants. Harlem Pants. Silk Jogging Pants. I’ve heard them called all of the above and I have to say I’ve already purchased and wear one pair. The pair in my closet is mint I adore them, but I’d like to find one more pair for fall in a more neutral color like the grey shown above. Put them together with a set of heels and these insanely comfortable pants become work appropriate. Comfort and style all at once? Who doesn’t want that?

6. Combat Booties. I have to admit this is a look I used to loathe, but this year it’s really hooked me for some reason. I like the casual feel it brings to an outfit with just a touch of tough-girl side. For a mom who doesn’t really want to possess the tough-girl persona, it adds just enough rebel to outfits that I can still pull of the part.

<<DISCLAIMER>> I’ve learned that I’m terrible at getting outfit pictures on here. I try and I try, but Husby and my schedules are so off that it’s next to impossible to have a time where it’s still light out that we can snap some quick shots. I’m going to make a more concerted effort as year TWO of this blog kicks off, but in the meantime I’ll give you items that I pair together to create the full outfit. I know, I’m failing so many of you right now!

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