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Winter Layers With A Twist

Ok, so a little disclosure before today's post: I hate being cold. Like hate it, hate it. I feel like my toes go numb after being outside in the winter for any extended period of time without toe warmers in my shoes. That said, outfit posts are just going to have to be done inside until it's a little warmer out.

I know that doesn't exactly create the best lighting or provide the most desireable backdrop, but I just can't do it outside when it's so cold out. Sorry! Ok, on to this week's outfit...

Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21 (similar)

Sweater: Target

Tights: H&M (similar, similar)

Belt: Target

Boots: Target (similar, same w/fur, resale)

Watch: Express (in rose gold)

After the super disappointing Packer loss yesterday (waaaahhhhh!), reality set in that now it's just winter in the Midwest. The holidays are over, football season is over and all that's left is cold. Cold and grey most days. I don't know about you, but I get sooooooo sick of bundling up every day, especially since said bundling typically means I'm limited in my outfit choices because staying warm supercedes looking cute {almost} always.

But this winter I decided to see what I have that I can pair together to create warm layers while still feeling cute! My favorite thing is that right now thick, warm tights can be found EVERYWHERE, so we can wear skirts with sweaters and still have warm legs. Praise Jesus, HALLELUJAH!

The semi-funny story behind the boots in this outfit is that I really wanted them a few years ago but just didn't think it necessary to spend the money when my boot collection was already bigger than it needed to be (not according to my defintion, of course. I don't think anyone's boot collection can ever be bigger than necessary). Anyway, I put them on my Christmas wishlist and my younger sister ended up buying them for me. Before heading to the checkout, though, she like triple checked with my mom that I really wanted them because she thought they were hideous!

I guess that's why she's out living off the Florida coast while I freeze my boot-ay off here. She gets to live in cute sandals! :)

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