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Buffalo Plaid: More Than A Trend

Vest: TJ Maxx (similar)

Shirt: Forever 21

Pants: Bullhead

Scarf: H&M (similar)

Boots: Macy’s

Watch: Express (similar)

Necklace: Old (similar <--better & cuter)

Do you ever have those days where you just miss your grandpa? Where you’re just drawn to reminiscing about simpler times and he just always seems to be the center of those memories? That’s how it is with my grandpa, and this weekend was just one of those weekends. My grandpa passed away just under four years ago, but even that short length of time ago it just seemed like life was easier…if only because he was here.

My grandpa was basically the original buffalo plaid wearer. He had so many variations of the black and red print that I think all of the grandkids (and there are A LOT of us), have one of his old shirts. If I remember correctly, one of my aunts also made a blanket out of some of his shirts. Point is, the man owned this trend before it was trendy.

He was a hunter and a fisher and lover of all things outdoors. There are stacks of pictures of us as kids with of all of us fishing in one of his two ponds that he stocked with blue gill just so his grandkids could learn to love the things he was passionate about. And we all did, because he was our grandpa. And what grandpa loved, we loved, even if you were a girly girl and it meant poking slimy worms onto fishing hooks (because there was so no way he would allow squealing like a girl be an excuse out of it!)

My grandpa wore buffalo plaid more often than not. He passed away the spring of 2011. When the fall 2011 lines made their debut that summer, buffalo plaid was everywhere: scarves, jackets, blankets. Almost four years later and it’s even bigger.

I just don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think someone out there knows that we (our family) need that trend, that memory, that reminder. Because weekends like this weekend creep up more than I admit where I miss him, and all my buffalo plaid fashion pieces make me smile at the irony of my anything-but-fashion-forward grandpa managing to be just ahead of the booming trend.

Yesterday was cooooooold outside. Granted I didn’t step foot outside our house all day, but the little notification on my weather app informing me it "felt like -7 degrees" with 26 mph blowing, snowy winds was enough to convince me to stay indoors. Plus, Husby was in the studio recording a band, so I had a pretty good excuse to hone in on my lounging around skills during Adelyn's nap time.

On days like yesterday, with the nostalgia of my grandpa fresh on my mind, you can find me like this. With my kindle, a throw blanket, some hot tea and an authentic grandpa-worn buffalo plaid shirt.

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