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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

If you're anything like me, I really don't want a big gift for every occasion. But I do still like to know I'm appreciated by that adorable man sitting on the other end of the couch from me as I type this. If that's more the way you see this holiday, I suggest leaving this page up {nonchalantly of course} for your significant other to see as a hint for a small little something for Valentine's Day next weekend.

Everything on this list is totally affordable without being a cheap piece of garbage, so you can feel appreciated and he can feel like he did something for you without having to make some major budget cuts in other areas to afford it.

Are you a chica without a man? Or do you just know that even if you printscreen this page and text it to your guy that he just won't get it and chance are he won't even acknowledge the day? Well, all these items are super chic but still at a price that you can afford yourself without feeling guilty! away girlfriend!

1. I don't care who you are, we all need notebooks. This Kate Spade "love it, live it" set just adds that extra bit of feminity and togetherness!

2. Have a little kiss of tea in this mug! This is an absolute favorite of mine; so danty, so perfect (if the Shopbop stock is low, Amazon fills this item too).

3. Classy with a touch of sparkle, this Sugar Paper Desk Calendar is a fantastic addition to any female's work or counter area.

4. A simple ring with an astounding reminder...a Forget Me Knot ring.

5. This bar necklace has been the most complimented piece I've ever owned, engraved with our daughter's name. Engrave it with the name of a child, significant other or your very own!

6. A neutral palette of eye shadows can be worn by any complexion. Urban Decay's Naked Basics is just a must-have.

7. We all love on life a little more when our phones are fully charged. For iPhone 5 and newer users, this portable charger is the perfect size to fit in a purse for a potential low-battery issue. And really, it's just adorable.

8. Need an excuse for cookies? This charming mini cookie cutter set creates an excuse for a mini-batch of sweets to share with your sweetie.

9. Who doesn't still love colorful nails? Essie's Cashmere Collection is something that's easy to lust over.

10. There are no rules stating a work station can't be glam-tastic. Kate Spade let's every female feel a little more glam with her Whistle While You Work Tackle Box full of gold bow paper clips and magnets, sassy binder clips and more.

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