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All-Natural Summer Drink

Ok, I won't make this post too long because it just doesn't need to be. What it does need is to contain this simple recipe for maybe the most refreshing, natural, drink for you this summer.

Green Tea Lemonade

What you need for a 16-ounce glass:

1 bag Yogi Green Tea

1/2 tsp raw honey (organic agave nectar is another option!)

1/4 lemon

First things first, let one tea bag steep in 16-oz of hot water for about 20 minutes. I prefer Yogi tea because I know I only need one tea bag for this drink. Another brand that I tried for less money that still kept the flavor was Bigelow Green Tea, but I've also tried other brands like Lipton that did not turn out well at all. The tea bags in the much cheaper options just didn't carry the flavor needed to offset the fresh lemon.

Plus, when it comes to the Yogi brand, the tea bags always have such smart little sayings on them that always make me smile! ("Act, don't react" pretty much goes perfectly with my post last week about patience)

While the tea is steeping add about 1/2 tsp of raw honey to it and stir to dissolve. This is your only real means of sweetener, so add more or less depending on your "sweet" palate.

When the 20 min is up, discard the tea bag and squeeze in fresh lemon juice from about 1/4 of a standard-size lemon. If your lemon is small you'll want to adjust, essentially adding lemon until you can smell lemon over the green tea scent.

From there you just need to add enough ice to cool it and a slice of lemon for good measure and enjoy!

I started drinking this early spring in place of coffee since it still has caffeine, but much less, plus I get the health benefits of the green tea. It didn't take long for Husby to ask for a sip and, well, the rest is history.

Our weekend tradition is that I now make a big batch Saturday morning to enjoy in the sun throughout the day and get this, he even started making it on his own during the week sometimes.

My husband isn't what you would call patient when it comes to anything he's going to ingest, and his cold beverage of choice has always been Coke, so the fact that he not only swtiched out his daily soda for this but also makes it himself is a pretty good testament to how tasty the drink really is. And the best part is that we don't add anything processed to it!

Let me know if you try it, I hope you do :)

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