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3-Minute Hair Tutorial

I pretty much feel like I’ve been on the run nonstop lately. Even on my relaxing days at home I’ve been putting pressure on getting out for “one more walk” with ­the dog or stopping at the park “just in case” it’s our last really nice weekend here. We are in the Midwest, after all, so the change in temps can literally happen overnight.

With busy schedules comes the need for easy hairstyles, though. And the one I’m showing you today is pretty much the easiest of all the easies (I know, my brain may have turned off at this point today!). The first time I wore my hair like was actually more of an accident, but the compliments and questions on how I did it made me realize it was a perfect hairstyle for when I’m on the go but still want to look put together (which, like I said, seems to be most days lately).

The best part is that this hairstyle can work in almost any hair length, including my 2-year-old's.

I’m actually traveling for work right now, and ironically that means filming a tutorial is a little easier because I don’t have an (albeit cute) nosey 2-year-old in the background narrating.

(Pony, Momma? Hair tie? Let me see the hair tie, Momma. Momma’s putting in a pony? Where’s my pony? Put a pony in Adelyn’s hair, Momma? No, use the pink hair tie Momma. Where’s the pink one?!)

I tried doing this tutorial from home twice now and those are the captions I took away from replaying it. Needless to say neither efforts were post worthy.

So a couple notes on the video:

  1. You’ll need two hair elastics (I use the clear, no pull Goodie brand)

  2. If you want, a thicker, cotton headband is a cute addition to the hairstyle

  3. I’m on day 3 hair here, but I’ve done this on day 1 all the way to day 5 (day 5 the headband option is a SAVIOR because my hair is usually a little overwhelmed with dry shampoo by then)

  4. Thank you, again, for not judging my annoying voice, my um’s and my all around weirdness in tutorials!

3-Minute Hair Tutorial

(Video with instruction is less than 4 minutes!)

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