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The Go-To Outfits

You know, the outfits that you can grab with your eyes closed because you just know they're comfortable and still make you feel cute? I never really realized that I have these so-called "go-to outfits" until the other day when it happened. I was standing in our closet staring. Waiting. Looking at all the different combinations that held so much potential, but didn’t quite scream WEAR ME that day. Noticing I was running out of time before I had to be out the door, I quickly grabbed my favorite Levi's skinnies, a semi-fitted plain grey long sleeve hooded t-shirt, a fitted long red cardigan and my riding boots. To which Husby said, “always a good go-to outfit of yours.” Hmmm, I never thought about it that way. On my thought-filled drive (because when isn’t this busy brain pondering something), I realized that I definitely have a handful of outfits that I “go to” for those when-in-doubt moments and I need to get dressed and go. So I went on over to Polyvore and coordinated those outfits for you! Some of the items shown below are the exact pieces I own, (which is why I seriously love that site; it’s like a virtual closet!) and some are pieces very similar to the ones I have and are in the same price range because I couldn’t find the exact items.

Casual Errands

For lack of a better title, I call this one casual errands. It's the outfit I referred to above, and it's a staple of mine in the fall and winter. I almost always wear it with my dark brown faux leather jacket and a beanie or this super cute rider-style hat I got at a boutique store a few years ago. I probably use as one of my go-to's because everytime I wear someone comments on how cute it is.

Casual Glam

This outfit screams casual glam for so many different reasons. I love, love, love that a simple, comfortable sweatershit is dressed up with just a small area of embelishment. I usually wear a loose, comfortable collared blouse underneath it then pair it with slightly destroyed demin skinnies (let my old A&F/Hollister days shine through; no company will ever make better destroyed demin!). Statement earrings with an oversized rose gold watch and chuck taylors just make this outfit perfect to me. I typically put a thin roll at the bottom of the jeans too. The first time I wore this outfit to work (I know, I know, I get to dress casual in our office unless there are meetings), I got so many compliments on it that it quickly became a rewear essential!

All-Neutral Weekend Wear

I'm the first to say that tan overload is a huge no-no; especially in winter. Who needs to be pale from lack of Vitamin D rays then wear colors that wash you out on top of it?! But this outfit is the exception to the rule. The chunky, large knit sweater defines the word "comfy", and paired with higher-waist extreme dark stretch skinnies creates a good color contrast. Add a loose cream-colored tank underneath and there you go! My tan fringe booties are one of my favorite purchases ever because they give me a little more height, but I could still walk miles in them. Pearl and gold statement earrings and a long gold necklace and the once washed out pieces now create a comfortable weekend outfit.

If you want to shop any of these styles, just click here and head to my Polyvore page!

As you can see from the above pieces, I love Levi's jeans. My husband got me hooked on them a few years ago, and if you can shop their outlet stores you can get serious steals on them. You may have also noticed that I have NO.BAGS shown above. It's sad but true, I'm usually toting around a diaper bag instead. Luckily Husby let me get a cute Coach bag for it though!

Do you have any go-to outfits you just know you're comfortable in and still feel cute?

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