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Sunday Sundaes

This post is in affiliation with Blue Bunny ice cream.

Blue Bunny to ice cream is like skinned knees to playing outside or chalk-filled driveways to warm summer days. It's like flip flops to summer feet and family bike rides to sunny Sundays. Essentially, it's just what we expect when we go looking for ice cream. Blue Bunny has always been the brand we trust for soft, scoopable ice cream that's packed full of the flavor promised on the label. It's the container we know will keep out freezer burn with its click-lock seal (assuming ice cream ever lasts long enough to develop freezer burn!), and it most certainly has never let us down with its assortment of flavors to choose from.

Ice cream has always been a gluttonous desire for Husby, and while I can usually turn away from it, on a hot summer evening after a weekend full of outside fun, even I find myself drawn to the freezer for a little family ice cream time. And of course, none of us can ever agree on the same flavor, so we have to keep multiple on hand.

We bought

Or if you're an incredibly indecisive three-year-old, why not just have a little scoop of all of them?!

If you're looking for deals (or just an extra excuse to buy ice cream), the Blue Bunny website has what they call an iScream Team where you can sign up to receive regular coupons and other goodies from them. You can also watch a cute little video staring Blu, the quite literally Blue bunny.

Now that I've revisited all these pictures, I'm wondering if I should have heeded Husby's advice when he said I should name this post "How My Blog Made My Husband Fat" :)

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