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A New Baby

That's right; Baby Anders Version 2.0 is on its way.

A few people already guessed; apparently my lack of posting on here was a giveaway to some of you 😉! And it's true, that really is the reason. As much as I remember being tired my first trimester last time around, this time has been a real doozy. Unfortunately, this blog had to be the item that went to the wayside as I slept my way through that first trimester

"They" say every pregnancy is different. Whether the pregnancy so far is different or just the dynamics of my life are different, I'm not entirely sure. Husby pointed out that the when I was pregnant with Adelyn I could come home, make dinner and fall asleep. And I did just that those first 13 weeks. But this time around we have a very busy 3 1/2-year-old that still needs to feel important. If you follow my Instagram Stories you probably noticed we were watching A LOT more movies at night than normal, which is completely unlike our typical parenting tactics. I swear, Disney was my saving grace!

I'm finding with this pregnancy that I'm constantly comparing it to my last...or trying to. The problem is that all happened over four years ago, and between baby brain and the fact that I didn't document anything other than my growing belly, I'm constantly second-guessing my memories of that pregnancy.

While we definitely do not planning on having a third child in the future, I've realized that I do want to remember everything about being pregnant. While the big memories will forever stick with me (like single-handedly finishing off a giant jar of peanut butter in two weeks flat, HAVING to have gummy fruit slices on hand at all times, being completely overwhelmed and confused by a baby registry and just swelling to an uncomfortable state the last two weeks), I really don't remember the little things that changed throughout my pregnancy with Adelyn.

That's why I'm writing this post (well, aside from telling those of you who didn't know from social media that's I'm pregnant). In search for the perfect pregnancy journal, I happened upon Paperlust Studio. You guys, this is it. It's perfect. It's exactly what I never knew I always wanted because it's simple. It makes this whole documenting process easier. And I'm already glad, because at 15 weeks, I got back to ready my 7-week notes and realize how different they already are!

The Paperlust Studio journals give you a variety of journal designs and insert pages. For you mamas like me who want to remember how things progressed but don't want to have to think of something special to write each week, there's the preprinted pages you see above with things like Symptoms, Cravings, Health and a few lines for those miscellaneous notes. The opposite page has just enough room to add pictures.

Since I've enjoyed looking back at the week-by-week progress pictures of my pregnancy with Adelyn, I decided to put the same in this book. But you'll see in week 11 I was a complete space-case on taking a picture, so I filled that page with pictures from when we told Adelyn about the baby and when she helped us tell our families!

There's a section at the end of each trimester where you can note your overall reflection on that trimester as well as your weight gain so far and guess on baby's sex. Those are all things I want to remember and know I won't on my own!

There's a page where you can write about how you announced the pregnancy, and include a picture. This is the picture we used to announce ours to the social media world after my 12-week checkup.

And at the very end of the journal there's a series of Ultrasound pages to insert the Ultrasounds through the pregnancy. You guys...they gave us our ultrasounds on a flash drive this time instead of just flimsy printed copies. IT'S SO NICE! I can't believe the technology improvement in the short four years since being pregnant with Adelyn.

If you're looking for a pregnancy journal, I highly recommend heading over to the Paperlust Studio site. I'm already looking forward to looking back at it as the next five and a half months go by.

Thank you to PaperLust Studio for your help in making this post possible!

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