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Ok so between Instagram, Facebook, my contact page on here and just running into people who've seen this post, I've received so.much feedback that I need to post a video about it. You all might regret asking for that after you watch it because...well, a couple things.


1. The video quality is terrible. I blame my computer along with the onset of cold weather because it gets dark sooooo early now and the natural light helps avoid the graininess you'll see.


2. I did this at night, after I put my daughter to bed. So, yeah. It had already been a long day.


3. My hair is no longer blonde. I had it colored for fall, and this video is a month and a half overdue.


4. It's awful. I talk so.much. The video is 15 minutes, but the actual "braid" portion is from just under the 5 minute mark to the 14 minute mark. 


BUT! I have a video tutorial for you nonetheless! Today I'm showing you how I create this thick-looking braid without having a thick strand of hair on my head in UNDER 10 minutes.

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Ok, so a few more things in case you want to just fast forward through the first 4:50.


1. I let my hair air dry; I rarely use a blow dryer. I usually wash it at night, but on here I was lazy the night before and let it air dry the morning of the video.


2. Air drying my hair gives it more texture to help keep the braid in place.


3. I have really fine hair. If you have thick hair this will be even easier. And I secretly hate you.


4. I don't use products on my hair other than dry shampoo.


5. I can't figure out how to make the YouTube thumbnail for the video appear below, which is why the screen is grey at the start.


6. I love you all and thank you for liking my blog!


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