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Why Richmond & Style?

With all the possibilities and names for a blog, why did I choose Meet Me on the Intersection of Richmond Street & Style? It's simple, actually. 


Husby and I moved to a home on Richmond Street when we got married. As such, when I finished a long day at the office, returned from a flight across the country, or ended a workout that exhausted me to no end, my final destination was always Richmond Street. By the time I had walked up the five flights of stairs to reach our condo and was warmly welcomed by our 6.2-pound Morkie, my brain was guaranteed to have already circled a minimum of 5-10 different topics.


When my hinder would finally hit the couch at night, Husby could be guaranteed that I'd have an all-too-excited approach to whatever topic won over with the highest bid in my busy mind. So. My thoughts all typically came to a head at Richmond Street.


Inside this Richmond Street condo was an all too perfectly decorated residence. Inside the bedroom with one rustic orange wall perfectly matched to the rustic orange throw pillows on the bed was a walk-in closet the size of a small nursery. Much to my husband's dismay, this closet was still only large enough for one season's worth of my clothes at a time when his entire wardrobe could neatly inhabit roughly 2/5 of the overall space. Now we are into the Style portion of the blog name. 


I blame it on the genetics of my mother who, at 30 years older than me, still hasn't lacked style a day in her life. Whether it's coordinating the pink layered tank to the tiny stripe in my blue plaid shirt to ultimately be layered under the yellow crop raincoat with the same blue as the shirt in the lining of the hood to let the dog out on a rainy day, or simply snagging one of Husby's dress tees to loosely tuck into skinny jeans with a thin belt for a casual dinner with the girls, style is something I try not to leave home without.


So at the end (or beginning) of your day, when you want to leave the thinking up to someone else, meet me at the intersection of Richmond & Style for my latest thoughts and viewpoints.

Now fast forward almost three years, add in a toddler, and notice we quickly outgrew that cute little downtown condo. We've since built a house and moved from Richmond Street to a movie-esque subdivision where we're currently making all of our house and family dreams come true living life in suburbia. 

Richmond & Style had already been born and nourished by the time this move happened, so I decided to leave the blog name as is (not to mention that Birmingham & Style just doesn't have the same ring to it). Because of this move, you'll also get to see a House section of this blog added where I'll share our tips and tricks to acheiving a modern meets farmhouse-style decor all while keeping you within a completely reasonable budget.

So there you have it. Richmond & Style has a bit of nostalgia now as life when it was started is completely different than what it is now, but one thing definitely has not changed: my love for style.

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