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Happy Monday to all my beautiful readers! I know it’s been a few weeks and I so apologize for that. My real, big girl job has taken up so many of my nights the last few weeks that I haven’t had anything leftover for this blog (all positive changes to my work life though!).


But, I also so appreciate the [I still can’t believe how] many of you who I’ve met just through this blog who have kept in touch with questions, thoughts, encouragement and just straight up requests for what you’d like to see me post on in the future! I love these friendships I’ve formed with some of you by either starting with a comment at the end of a post or emails sent through my contact page. I’ve loved every email some of us have exchanged and cannot tell you how grateful I am to have been welcomed into your lives through this blog!


Ok, now moving on from that, I’ve had a lot of questions about meals/eating/getting my body back after having a baby. I’ll be honest that I think hitting the gym until two weeks before my due date along with my mom’s genes were a huge help for me, but I’m not going to count out what I eat at all. I tend to describe my daily diet as just eating smart. I’m not insanely strict, but I do cut out a lot unnecessary fats, sugars, salts, etc.


Since I’ve had so.many requests on meal ideas I decided to dedicate this week to posts about meals! I’ll change it up with meal tricks and ideas I use for Husby and me as well as simple, healthy meals for Adelyn now that she’s in the “over one” category and has been integrated into a big girl meal plan. I’ve come up with some incredibly easy, healthy meal options for her that are WAY better than the pre-boxed meals in the baby section of the grocery. The best part? They're seriously easy!


Day 1: Grilled Fish & Veggies.

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It’s summer, and when it’s warm out I’m a huge advocate of using the grill for any meal possible. Everything is easier, and typically healthier, on the grill.


As such, grilled veggies have become a summer staple for us. Everything can be cut rough into large pieces and you just need a little olive oil for cooking. I didn't use any portions below for the veggies because it's really personal preference on how much you're going to eat. Since we grill out most nights, I'll usually use half of each veggie for Husby and me for each meal, then the other half in a day or two with a different meal. This avoids waste and still lets us portion control our meals.


I also love the summer for our city's farmer's market. All of these yummy veggies are usually purchased there!


Red Bell Pepper, sliced 1”x2” thick

Green Bell Pepper, sliced 1”x2” thick

Red Onion, quartered

Yellow Squash, halved then sliced

Button Mushrooms, quartered

Baby Carrots

1-lb Cod (or Haddock)

1 Tbsp OIive Oil

Olive Oil Cooking Spray

Melted Butter



  1. Toss cut veggies in olive oil (just enough that all are wet, not drenched. 1 Tbsp. is what I use for our two [large] servings of veggies). Place in grill pan or aluminum foil boat. Season with onion powder, garlic powder and fresh ground pepper.

  2. Pat off fish with paper towel, then generously season all sides with onion powder, garlic powder and fresh ground pepper. Set aside.

  3. Place veggies in aluminum foil boat or grill pan on the far back of the grill preheated to medium. After 10 min, stir veggies. Spray front racks of the grill with cooking spray and place fish fillets on the sprayed section. Pat just enough melted butter on the topside to cover the fish (don’t pour a ton on!). Grill fish for 3ish minutes each side.

  4. Remove all items from the grill and serve! We don’t dip the fish in anything because this length of time with that little bit of melted butter during the grilling process kept it all just the right amount of done without becoming dry.


Let me know if you try this; it’s so simple and so.yummy. Using the grill along with using powders instead of salts make it a nice and healthy meal too. I always consider a meal we can share with Adelyn an added bonus, and this one falls right into that category. Although…that does mean I have to make more because Husby and I demolished the amount shown in the picture above!


Stay tuned for more healthy, super tasty meals this week for people like me who try to spend as little time as possible cooking and prepping and as much time as possible soaking up my family!


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