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We're kicking off December and while I have a few topics to post on (like comfortable but cute Christmas shopping attire), I was using a product on my hair this morning that I remembered is not a common hair product. And it is my saving grace in the winter.


It's the time of year when the air is so dry that--if you're anything like me and straighten your hair--it doesn't take long before it looks like you just shoved a fork in an electrical socket. Even when I curl my hair, if the blow dryer was used and a hat came even close to touching my head on the way to the office my strands are bound to be sticking out.


The situation is best decribed as annoying. You run your fingers through those luscious locks and they end up sticking straight out or clinging to the back of your chair even more than before you touched them. Whether you're a girly girl and love your hair exactly in place or are someone who just rolls out the door with your hair still wet, it's just as annoying when this happens.


So here it is: static electricity control. FOR YOUR HAIR.















(click photo for link to purchase)


You're seeing that correct. Static Guard. The first time Husby saw me use it he almost tripped as he ran toward the bathroom telling me it's not for my hair (I'm sure hoping to save himself from waiting for me to rewash what he expected to become my ruined hair before we got out the door). But worry he didn't need to do because it was totally planned.


The bottle itself suggests spraying it into your hair brush, but I just spray it right in my hair if it's feeling a little staticy. The best part? It doesn't weigh down my hair at all! And I don't have thick hair either. I have a lot of hair, but it's really fine, so more often than not hair products weigh it down. Not this stuff. Unfortunately this isn't exactly an organic solution, but it works.


So ladies, get your spray on this cold weather season! Unless you live somewhere warm, in which case I'm more than willing to help you watch your house or something. But only if it's near the beach. :)













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