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For the last couple of months I’ve been getting A LOT of requests on how I do my hair to get the kind of beachy, flowing waves you see in a lot of my pictures. I’ve tried to explain it through messages to some people and verbally to others, and it apparently I must be really bad at it because almost everyone has come back asking me for a better explanation (I’m sorry!!!).


So, here’s a video showing you how I do it. It’s so easy and takes LESS THAN 10 MINUTES once you get the hang of it. Yes, this is a fact!

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Ok, so here are a few extra tips to help you.


1. I’m using this curling wand. It’s amazing and it’s cheap.


2. I wash my hair at night, let it air dry and sleep on it. I don’t use a blow dryer.


3. I only wash my hair every 3-4 days. Therefore I use dry shampoo way more than regular shampoo. This dry shampoo is my current fav and again, it’s CHEAP. And I’ve tried too.many.


4. The savior from keeping my ends from drying out is this stuff. I used to swear by  Moroccan oil, but my girlfriend recently gave me this Macademia oil to sample and omg…it’s better.


5. I always curl away from my face. It looks completely different when I curl toward my face (a little more Shirley Temple, a little less day at the beach).


6. I tried to make it under 10 minutes, but apparently I'm too chatty kathy for that, ahhhh I'm sorry. And I'm sorry for the ums (eek!)


Valentine's day Gift guide: 2015.


If you're anything like me, I really don't want a big gift for every occasion. But I do still like to know I'm appreciated by that adorable man sitting on the other end of the couch from me as I type this. If that's more the way you see this holiday, I suggest leaving this page up {nonchalantly of course} for your significant other to see as a hint for a small little something for Valentine's Day next weekend.


Everything on this list is totally affordable without being a cheap piece of garbage, so you can feel appreciated and he can feel like he did something for you without having to make some major budget cuts in other areas to afford it.


Are you a chica without a man? Or do you just know that even if you printscreen this page and text it to your guy that he just won't get it and chance are he won't even acknowledge the day? Well, all these items are super chic but still at a price that you can afford yourself without feeling guilty! away girlfriend!

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Do you ever have those days where you just miss your grandpa? Where you’re just drawn to reminiscing about simpler times and he just always seems to be the center of those memories? That’s how it is with my grandpa, and this weekend was just one of those weekends. My grandpa passed away just under four years ago, but even that short length of time ago it just seemed like life was easier…if only because he was here.


My grandpa was basically the original buffalo plaid wearer. He had so many variations of the black and red print that I think all of the grandkids (and there are A LOT of us), have one of his old shirts. If I remember correctly, one of my aunts also made a blanket out of some of his shirts. Point is, the man owned this trend before it was trendy.


He was a hunter and a fisher and lover of all things outdoors. There are stacks of pictures of us as kids with of all of us fishing in one of his two ponds that he stocked with blue gill just so his grandkids could learn to love the things he was passionate about. And we all did, because he was 

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I love colored pants. And perfect, handmade scarves.


When I was going through my closet the other day to put together something to wear for our company party, I realized just how many colored pants I have. I don’t really know why other than when paired the right way, the second you put them on you automatically look a little more put together and dressed up, all the while still comfortable.


The dress code for this party was nice-casual. It was for our entire company and our families, so it meant Husby and Adelyn would be with me. That meant I had to be somewhat selective with what I wore because of the activity level a 1 ½-year-old has in a confined area. Really the night could go two ways:


1) she would be really shy and just want to be carried (mom code for omg I’m going to be a sweaty mess if I dress too warm), or 

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With one easy trick!



I follow my fair share of blogs, and as much as I wish I could take credit for coming up with this genious trick, I actually tried it based on the suggestion of Pink Pistachio's blog. Typically I wouldn't post something on here that's someone else's tip, but this is such.a.lifesaver (er, skin saver?) that I decided I still owed it to all of you who read my blog to reap the benefits of this trick.



I've always had really sensitive skin. When I was a kid we were told something or another about how I don't have enough antibodies to my skin's surface, so when I got things like the chicken pox I had scabs for a month after the virus was out of my system. To this day, if I lay in grass my forearms will get little red bumps on them for an hour or so then go away, and heaven forbid I get a mosquito bite because without even touching the area it will swell to the size of a penny. Weird, I know.

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