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Holiday Catalog: For Him

As Christmas gets closer and closer and shopping becomes more and more intense, I thought it might be nice to put together a gift guide for all of the MEN in your lives! I'm married to a musician, so shopping for him always requires a little more creativity than most. What does it mean to be married to a musician who owns his own recording studio?

It means that anything he's even remotely interested in has a price tag of $1,500 minimum.

Sorry hunny, but we're building a house this spring so gifts like that just aren't on the table this year! Below is a list of items that I've either bought Husby in the past that were a success, or are things I think would be a good gift idea for him this year. I'd say this could ruin Christmas for him, but unless this screen is left open on our laptop the odds of him seeing it are just about zero (and even if I did leave it open it's a pretty slim chance he'd remember to look through it!).

1. Nixon The Newton Watch. I actually bought this watch for Husby in the past and it's become one of his most complimented possessions. It's modern without being flashy, which he hates, so it was a perfect. He's had more people ask where he got it. I'm pretty sure he never actually knows what time it just just by looking at it, but who really wears watches for practial reasons anyway? Don't we all have cell phones for that?!

2. S.W.A.G. Bar. This is an item we learned about through our addiction to ABC's Shark Tank, and while we haven't tried it I think this is a must-buy stocking stuffer if the man in your life gets razor burn at all. Husby shaves like once a week right now, mostly because razor burn is so frustrating to him (which I can't blame him for). While I personally find the David Beckham scruff look dead-sexy, I think he'd appreciate something to alleviate the problem.

3. H&M Lounge Pants. I bought Husby these lounge pants in light grey when I was in Chicago the other week and O.M.G. does he look good in them. They're not as baggy as a lot of sweatpants but are still really comfortable, and the fitted ankle just makes the overall look exceptionally flattering. Get your guy into them with a semi-fitted flannel and you're looking at the poster-model for someone to cuddle up to with a glass of wine by tthe fireplace. Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy these for your man. He loves them and I love how they look!

4. Crewneck Sweatshirt with Kangaroo Pocket. Husby is always telling me how jealous he is of women's sweatshirts because our crewnecks always have a kangaroo pocket (ok, HE doesn't use the term kangaroom pocket, but I know what he means), and men's never do. Well I did a little searching and literally every Macy's store carries this one in multiple colors in the American Rag brand. No joke this inexpensive sweatshirt is probably going to make his Christmas.

5. Norelco SensoTouch Electric Razor w/Jet Clean System. Most men (that I know) don't like to spend a lot of money on a good razor. But my guy will remind me very often how terrible it is to have an electric razor that doesn't work well yet simply refuses to go spend the money on a new one. This razor is recommended by a ridiculous number of tech sites, and consumer reviews state is shaves as close and smooth as a blade, and if left uncharged for some reason can be ready to go in just a few minutes when necessary. While I thought about putting one of those really classy looking single blade, brush, foam kits on here, I know that from a practical sense my husband would never take the time to use it.

6. L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins. These are a must-have. They're a previous gift I purchased and are a true favorite. L.L. Bean doesn't know the meaning of low-quality, so these slippers are worth every penny. They use genuine shearling lamb fur imported from Australia to keep those tootsies toasty, and if your guy is anything like mine, he is much.less.whiny when his feet are warm. And the best part is they're made in Maine, so you're support the U.S. economy (and boy does this country need that)!

H&M just tends to do sweatshirts right. They have a fitted look and modern features that allow guys to stand apart and look put together all while remaining comfortable. Husby is always cold in the winter, so these two specific sweatshirts/sweatshirt jackets can provide the warmth, style and comfort he likes without actually wearing his jacket indoors.

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