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Burgundy Pants

Shirt: Guess

Jacket: H&M (similar<--I'm jealous of this one!, similar)

Pants: TJ Maxx (similar)

Boots: Macy’s

Scarf: Etsy

Watch: Express (similar)

Earrings: Kate Spade

I love colored pants. And perfect, handmade scarves.

When I was going through my closet the other day to put together something to wear for our company party, I realized just how many colored pants I have. I don’t really know why other than when paired the right way, the second you put them on you automatically look a little more put together and dressed up, all the while still comfortable.

The dress code for this party was nice-casual. It was for our entire company and our families, so it meant Husby and Adelyn would be with me. That meant I had to be somewhat selective with what I wore because of the activity level a 1 ½-year-old has in a confined area. Really the night could go two ways:

1) she would be really shy and just want to be carried (mom code for omg I’m going to be a sweaty mess if I dress too warm), or

2) she would play off the energy of everyone telling her how cute she is (which is so true if I may say so!) and want to be a social butterfly running everywhere (mom code for omg I’m going to be a sweaty mess if I dress too warm).

On the flip side it’s winter…in the Midwest. That’s just human code for BRRRRRR. And that’s why this outfit was so perfect for the party.

The burgundy skinnies gave me the dressiness I wanted, but the cut of the chambray blouse meant I didn’t have to add another layer with a tank top under it. If the room was cold and Husby chased around Adelyn (which he did, because he’s AMAZING), I could keep my jacket and scarf on. If it was a comfortable temp (which it was) I could take the jacket off and the outfit still looked perfect with the scarf. And if worse came to worse and I was a sweaty mess I could take off the scarf to show off the hammered gold statement necklace I was wearing to compliment the bracelets on my left wrist.

Whew, apparently my mind really does go in 20 directions when I pick out an outfit! And after rereading that I kind of sound like someone with serious temperature issues…

Back to this scarf, though. My sister-in-law started making scarves a year or so ago and look at how amazing she’s become at making them! I am absolutely in love with this one from the subtle Aztec print and soft suede all the way to the way she added just the right amount of fur. I get compliments on this scarf every time I put it on. She’s just getting her Etsy store up and running, but check it out because I think she’s planning on stocking it and taking orders pretty soon.

Happy Friday!

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