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Skincare: #LoveYourself Campaign

This post is in affiliation with TruSelf Organics. All opinions are my own.

If you've been following along with me for awhile now you know that skincare is really important to me, especially the older I get. It's amazing the change I've seen in my skin just from having a child. I don't know if it was the sleepless nights, the stress of the overall worrying that comes with having children or just the fact that I'm in my early 30s and getting older, but whatever it is, I'm just starting to look older.


With this whole "aging process", I've started paying closer attention to when my skin looks its best and what factors were in play during those times. I've compiled a little list for all of you on the main things that just make my skin look as youthful as possible without actually being in my youth anymore (<<insert crying sad face>>).

1. Stay hydrated. I know, it's the last thing most people want to hear, but it's so true. I literally can't be found without a water bottle near me these days. I went through a little "test phase", if you will, a few months ago where I essentially got lazy and started ignoring my water intake. Not only did I start getting headaches regularly, but my skin! As someone who has a serious phobia of dry skin (<--this is not an exaggeration. I firmly believe there has to be a name for this condition because I have a legit attention disorder when I spot dry skin on someone), the way the skin on my face was affected by that lack of water was amazing. Drinking enough water will literally change the look of your skin all on its own.

2. Get enough sleep. This seems impossible more often than not. Whether you have kids or not, getting enough sleep just seems like a bad use of time management. Still, when I force myself to get eight hours of sleep a night for a consecutive number of nights, it has a very positive affect on my skin.

3. Remove makeup. Sleeping with makeup on is so.bad for your skin. In the summer months I really only wear eyeliner and a bit of mascara, but that doesn't mean it's not important to wash it all off at night. Not only does it save your pillowcase from makeup stains, it actually keeps the youthfulness in your face longer. Get this: journalist Anna Pursglove did an experiment with 3D Cosmetic Imaging Studio based at the Queene Anne Medical Center. By not removing her makeup before going to bed for one month straight, her skin aged by 10 years.

In addition to the above, I also started using the TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask Kit. The overall point to take away from this mask is that it detoxifies your skin from all the chemicals, dirt and any other nasty pullutants that are in it. It minimizes your pores, which helps with acne problems. I've never suffered from acne problems, but the reviews I've read from people who have an have used this mask are amazing!

What I personally love about this mask is the tightening it does. When I wash the mask off I can literally see there are less fine lines around my eyes that were there just before using it. The mask tightens and lifts your skin as well as does an amazing job cleaning it.

You can buy all the pieces separately, but what I have is the Detoxifying Mask Kit, which includes:

  1. Detoxifying Mask (in a powder form)

  2. Detoxifying Solution (raw organic apple cider vinegar, purified water & pure magnesium sulfate)

  3. Mixing Bowl

  4. Mask Applicator

  5. Measuring Spoons

Ok, so now on to the nitty gritty about the company and why it's simply amazing. Obviously by the name, all the products are organic. But what's better is that everything in the product line is also vegan and cruelty-free.

The company's mission is to help people love themselves starting with clear skin they feel comfortable with. To help spread awareness, it started the #LoveYourself campaign to encourage people everywhere to share photos on social media promoting self-love.

This campaign is something near and dear to my heart because for a number of years of my life I based my self-love on things like my looks, my talents, and ultimately what other people thought of me. I didn't even realize that for so much of my life I was lacking the understanding of what self-love really was.

It took me a really long time to understand that I needed to love myself despite my talents, my looks, my friends or lack thereof in any of the aforementioned pieces. I needed to learn how to love who I was in my heart and what I stood for. I had to start over and realize that if I connected my health and inner happiness with all of those extra things, that I could love myself even if all the extra things were gone.

Becoming a mother, it was so crucial that I was in that place of self-love, because my daughter needs to see what a strong woman is, just like I had my mom to look up to as a strong woman my wholel life. I challenge all of you to the TruSelf #LoveYourself campaign. Everything good starts when things within you are good. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder of that.

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