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Holiday Photo Card Ideas

It's no secret that Husby and I have taken the art of sending Christmas cards very seriously over the course of our marriage. Ok, I'll edit that: I have taken the whole Christmas card thing very seriously and he has been a peach and never once complained about my neurosis over the whole ordeal.

No matter what way you look at it, a lot of thought and effort goes into our Christmas cards every year. You can be pretty much guaranteed that by mid-July I'm starting the brainstorming process, and by now--early November--I have a few ideas narrowed down that Husby will most certainly help me perfect.

The hardest part about Christmas cards for us/me is Pinterest. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove Pinterest. Some days it could be proven that I'm having an affair with Pinterest because there are times it gets far more attention than poor Husby. I'm a sole believer that copying is the truest form of flattery, and I definitely take my fair share of things from the insanely creative people on Pinterest. But when it comes to our Christmas cards, I really like to make them as original as possible. That means that when I finally come up with my list of ideas each year, I do a thorough Pinterest sweep to make sure I can't find anyone else who's done the same thing...yet.

We still snail mail Christmas cards out to over 100 people every year. So if you're looking to do the same, but want to snag a few unique ideas, feel free to take any of the below for your holiday cards this year or in the years to come!

Picture #1: Husby and my entire relationship revolves around fun. We find humor in the same stupid things, and we really just live a life of enjoying each other. We've tried (and I think we've succeeded) to make that apparent over the years!

Picture #2: The year we found out I was pregnant was perfect timing to do a pregnancy announcement. I reached my second trimester right before Christmas, so we sent out our cards later than normal. We still wanted to make it unique, so we made a little crossword puzzle to actually announce the information, then added little pieces like the Christmas song Husby wrote to the iPad screen (you can listen or download it here!)

Picture #3: Adelyn's first Christmas was a blur. She wasn't even six months and we were still just figuring out how to be parents. This was the year I took an idea from Pinterest, but added our own spin on it.

Picture #4: Then it came to the toddler years. Our last two cards show the chaos of life (and this year's probably will too!), but the main goal of each was to keep the picture process fun. I feel like it just ruins the experience if I'm reprimanding a 1 1/2 or 2 1/2-year-old, so instead the idea was to capture life with a young child in as humorous of a way as possible. It was perfect because in the one below, Adelyn didn't even realize what was going on as she was given free rein to play with the nutcracker and ornaments on the couch. The All is Calm chalkboard in place of our regular wall art was my favorite part.

Picture #5: Finally this brings us to last year. From the smoke coming out of the oven to the dog on the counter, Adelyn was asking to "make a mess in the kitchen again" for easily the next month. Executing this picture gave us a lot of laughs (and created a very confused dog).

I hope you find the fun in your Christmas cards this year!

Stay tuned for this year's card from us. We've narrowed it down to two ideas, so once the mailed cards are out to friends and family, I'll send a Merry Christmas to my blog family and post this year's card on here.

A special thank you to Minted for sponsoring today's post!


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